Bed Pillows

Bed Pillows
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Bed Pillow Size: Standard Dimension: 20x25 Wool Weight: 33 oz Fabric: Sateen ..
Body Pillow with Case Size: Body- long length w/case Dimension: 18x53 Wool Weight: 4.19 lbs..
Buddy Pillow with Case Size: Mini body pillow w/case Dimension: 11x43 Wool Weight: 2 lbs ..
King Woolly “Down” Size: King Size, malleable pillow Dimension: 20x35 Wool Weig..
Orthopedic Neck Pillow Size: Neck contoured- thin and thick side Dimension: 20x24 Wool Weig..
Queen Woolly “Down”Size: Queen Size, malleable pillowDimension: 20X29Wool Weight: 36-39 ozFabric: Sa..
Children's Woolly “Down” Pillow Size: Standard Size, malleable pillow Dimensio..